Friday, December 20, 2013

Countdown to Christmas #1- Holiday Outfits

Christmas is almost here and, of course, you need an outfit! Here are our Holiday Outfit Picks!

Lolly Dolly Designs
How adorable is this? I love how the dress is fancy but the beanie makes it more casual. The Peter Pan collar is super trendy and I love how it could work for many holidays, not just Christmas.


OMG! This is just ADORABLE! This is so...there aren't any words. Just perfect. I would probably wear this if people didn't look at me asking themselves, "What in the world? Who's this freak dressed to go caroling?" (And that's probably not the attention I want to draw to myself.) But for a doll, this is a lovely historical piece!

Sew Fun Doll Clothes 
For a doll who doesn't want to change her look too much, this trendy outfit is perfect! It would be a great outfit to wear to school because you still look festive.
This is so cute!  I can see a doll wearing this to a recital or dinner party. The skirt is especially cute and would be great for mix n match.
Sugarloaf Doll Clothes
If you have Caroline or another doll in the Regency period, you shold probably get this. Actually, you should probably buy this if you don't. I think it would look great on dark-haired girls, too. 

I hope you enjoyed looking at some cute etsy outfits and hopes this inspires you to create your own outfit or purchase one. Thanks for reading!

(I am in no way affiliated with these etsy shops. I do not get payed to talk about their clothes. All opinions are 100% my own. Pictures belong to shop owners. They are not mine. If you are the shop owner and would like your picture taken down, just contact me and I will do it. Thanks)

Thursday, August 15, 2013

American Girl New Clothing Releases

Today, I thought I would share my frequently-requested reactions to some of the newest American Girl clothes. (Okay, okay so maybe nobody actually requested my reviews of these new outfits, but I like to be proactive. Therefore, all of you who are sitting in front of your computers, looking at these lovely articles of clothing, scratching your head and wondering, "Hmmm I sure wish I knew what Viv thinks of these new clothes. Maybe I should email her and find out..." STOP! I am going to save you the hassle of a few keystrokes because this, my friends, is for you! Keep in mind, these are my opinions (to which we are all entitled) and are in no way meant to be a professional review of these items. So, without further ado, I present to you, my assessments...
Basketball Outfit: I like it, but I preferred the old one. The shoes are really cute and realistic and the arm bands are very cute.
Lots of Dots Bath Wrap: I love the slippers and headband! While I'm not a big fan of the wrap part, I do appreciate the idea and I think other girls will definitely like it.
Cycling Outfit: This is SUPER cute! It looks like the colors could be similar to the old 2-in-1 track outfit. The shorts look so real as does the jacket. This is one of my favorites.
Easy Breezy Outfit: I really like this. I think it would be great for mixing and matching. The green shorts and pink shoes are very sweet.
The Flower Sweater and Skirt: I need this outfit for Chrissa and Julie. The floral skirt would look perfect with a yellow or purple top. The sweater looks very nice, but I think I would put it with something less summer-y.
Molly’s Floral Pajamas: These look comfy! Molly looks adorable in the colors and I really like the darker blue accents.
Purple Peacock PJs: THAT SHIRT! Although it is pajamas, it would look so cute with light blue capris, or jeans.
Plaid Party Dress: This dress is a perfect mix of casual and dressy. It looks like something you could wear to a dinner party or a birthday party.
Saige’s Tunic Outfit: I'm not quite sure where this fits into Saige's story. However, I think the shirt and shoes are nice looking. The pants are especially cute and would look great with a variety of other tunics and dresses.
School Days Outfit: At first I wasn't too sure about the outfit. Now I see it as one of my favorites! The green top is cute on SO many different levels. The yellow flats? Sold. The jeans are plain, but in my opinion, basics really help my collection.
Silver Stich Hoodie for Dolls: Cute! I would actually wear this myself. It looks SO comfortable and I love the lining. It almost looks like a human-sized hoodie because of all the details.
Striped Hoodie outfit: I really like this. Skinny jeans and a hoodie with a design and stripes? I think that combination is pretty trendy. I would wear something like this.
Sweet Spring Dress: At first, this dress was kind of different, in my opinion. I wasn't sure what color it was, but after seeing it in pictures and videos, I think it is cuter. While it wouldn't be my first pick, I do really enjoy seeing pictures of it. It looks very sweet on #27.
Talent Show Set: My favorite parts of this are the headband, ball, hoop, dog collar, and the pet stand. The dress is very unique and it does look like a talent show set. I think this photo makes it look very odd, but when I saw it on #53 in the catalog, I was shocked at how much different it looked.
New Track Outfit: I have the old 2-in-1 track outfit and I really love it and always have. While I was a little disappointed to see it go, I am happy that they made a new one in its place. I really like this outfit, and I am sure it has the same quality and play value as the older set.
Tropical Bloom Outfit: So cute!! Simple and comfy. I really like the style of the top, and leggings, of any kind, are pretty hard to beat. (I use leggings in most of my outfits!) I love that everything coordinates, but isn't "matchy-matchy."

Witch Costume: This costume makes for a very cute witch! I can see little girls around Halloween dressing as witches and carrying their doll around in this outfit. The boots are so cute and I really think they look like some of the boots that people wear now. The corset is a very cute touch and the hat and broom look darling with the outfit. The dress has a very witchy look to it and I love how all of the pieces come together to make this costume work.

So there you go, those are some of my never-before-requested but sure-to-be-life-changing personal opinions about the new outfits that American Girl has recently released. Next time I will cover my thoughts and feelings on some of their furniture and/or accessories. (I know, I know. What ever will you do with the 12.3 seconds I just saved you by not having to request that review either?! It's like I'm some kind of mind-reader. Spooky, huh?) Stay tuned and thanks for reading!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Friday, May 31, 2013

How to Style Denim: 3 ways!

Hi! I'm Chrissa, and I am going to show to how to style denim: 3 ways!Look one: I chose to use McKenna's meet tunic for a peplum, and I added some boots! I used my favorite pair of skinny jeans for a trendy look! Look two: I wanted a sweet cool day look. I used a nautical shirt and added a purple jacket, and used my flared jeans. I paired it with sporty flats for a simple everyday look. Look three: Now, who says you can't look cute on a rainy day? This one is my absolute favorite! I started by using a bright, neon swimsuit and pulled on a simple jean skirt. I wanted to keep dry, so I pulled a red jacket on, which is my favorite color, and added some green rain boots. This is a great way to stay dry and look fun and funky. I hope you enjoyed learning the ways that I style denim! Talk to you later!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Hello! Welcome to Just a Girl and Her Dolls. My name is Vivienne and I just LOVE dolls. Currently, I have 12 American Girl Dolls, 6 LIV dolls, 13 Monster High Dolls, 2 Hearts 4 Hearts dolls, some Cabbage Patch Kids, numerous Barbies (no shoes for them, really...), 7 La Dee Da Dolls, and some other random dolls.I love to make things for my dolls, go to the thrift store to find items for them, and photograph them. I mostly use my AG, MH, and La Dee Das, but that doesn't mean I don't like other brands.I love to discover new doll brands.

   Because I am busy, I don't get TONS of time to do stuff. My mom and I do LOVE making clothes, furniture, and accessories for my dolls, but we don't really have a lot of time to do that. Any crafts that I do, I will try to show here. I can't promise tutorials, though. I am a child, so it will NOT be perfect or that professional, but I will try hard to make it an excellent read for doll lovers! I can only post a few times a week, maybe only once a week. Anyone is welcome to read, comment, follow, and suggestions, as always, are appreciated!
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